How to book a boat

From our fleet choose a boat which fits your needs, send to us an e-mail with a request for more info about the boat and terms of booking. 

As we are a chreter company and our crew will take care of you from now till the end of your adventure (booking procedure, check-in, check-out), we will send you a reply immediately. If the boat is available we can place an option on it. Option is necessary if you want us to hold the boat available for a few days till you make the final decision. But if the boat is not available, according to your request, we can propose you another boat from our fleet.

In case that you and your crew don't have sailing experience, we would be more than glad to help you and propose you some of our skippers. All of them are skilful in sailing and experts for croatian cost! With Mare Charter your adventure will be unforgetable!

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