Charter Conditions

The price includes yacht accommodation and its equipment as pre brochure. Extras are payable in the base. The price dose not include: Harbour dues away from the home port, local taxes or government taxes and the diesel used costs.

Yacht Charter booking can be confirmed after receiving 50% of the charter price, balance to be paid 4 weeks before departure date.

If you have to cancel your holiday, this must be made in writing by the person who the charter is invoiced to, the effective date will be when this is received at the Mare Charter office. Cancellation fees are expressed as a percentage of the total holiday cost, for the periods before the departure date:

- 30% of the charter price for cancellation up to 2 months before commencement of the charter.

- 50% of the charter price for cancellation up to 1 month before commencement of the charter.

- 100% of the charter price for cancellation within the last month before commencement of the charter.

If cancellation is due to objective reasons (death of family member, heavy injury, war or other) the accepted deposit shall not be paid back, but the owner shall give the yacht to the charterer at his disposal for another, if available, free period of time or within another season.

The charteree will put at charterer’s disposal only completely equipped yachts with full fuel tanks and in faultless, good conditions and expects the yachts to be returned in the same condition. The yachts are put at charterer’s disposal at the appointed time, from 5 p.m. to 9. p.m., at the appointed place. If the charterer fails to takeover the yacht within this 48 hours, the charteree is authorized to give up the contract. If the charteree is not in position to place the yacht at the appointed place 24 hours after the end of the term, or provide another, at least identical or better one, the charterer has right to give up the contract and get the charter money reimbursed. The charteree could reimburse only the amount of the charter, any other compensation possibility is excluded. When taking over the yacht, the charterer is obliged to check and carefully examine the condition of the yacht and equipment according to the inventory list. The possible covered defects on the yacht or its equipment which couldn’t be known to the charteree at the moment of takeover as well as defects which could arise after the takeover, do not give right to the charterer to reduce the charter price. If the further cruise is for any reason not possible or the overdue of the disembarkation is unavoidable, the base manager must be informed in order to give further instructions. The charterer bears all the charges of the charteree that result from the overdue caused by bad weather. Therefore, the careful planning of a route is recommended. Return in the evenings hours of a day before check out is obliged. Any exception is possible only if previously agreed with charteree. The charteree reserve the right not to hand over the yacht if in the judgment of their representatives the charterer is not competent for any reason to operate the yacht, or to give the instructions the charterer’s expense.

When taking over the yacht, it is a condition that a deposit is lodged according to the valid price list. If the charterer returns the yacht in good condition and in the fixed time, the deposit money will be returned with no deductions. The deposit money is to be deposited also in case when the charterer charters a yachts together with a skipper. In case of personal negligence and/or loss of one or more equipment items, the charterer bears all the costs.

The yacht is insured against the third person damages and fully insured for all the damages resulting from force major up to the registered amount of the value of the yachts for the risks according to the insurance policy. If damage occurs during the cruise and client is not to be charged (due to normal exhaustion or in case of overdraft of the guarantee sum) he must receive permission (instruction) from the charteree or base manager for an adequate repair. In case of some bigger averages, as well as of those where the other boats are involved, the charterer is obliged to report the case to the authorized harbor-master’s office and record in a protocol (the course of events, estimation of a damage) for an insurance company. The charterer is also obliged to report the charteree’s office. If the charterer does not fulfill his obligations, he can be in full charged for the costs of damage. The damages on the sails are not covered by insurance and the charterer bears the charges for these damages. The same case is with the damages on the engine caused by the lack of oil. The charterer is obliged to check the oil in the engine every day. The personal belongings are not covered by the insurance and it is recommended to the charterer to do it himself. The crew is covered by insurance.

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